Hibachi Experience – Ichiban


The polished experience and sophisticated experience are the perfect match for the classic, yet artistic tastes you'll come to love at Ichiban.


A wonderful hibachi experience involves flare, showmanship and food that is fresh and flavorful. At Ichiban, you get all this and more. Whether you feast on the chicken, steak, seafood, or vegetable dinner – our experienced knife-flashing chefs will prepare your meal just the way you like it. The natural flavors combined with our exceptional preparation methods will amaze everyone!


All our chefs endure a rigorous training regiment to master the hibachi grill. The final product is a jaw-dropping dining experience.

From the high-flying spatula acrobatics to the infamous onion volcano, it’s nearly impossible to take your eyes off the show.


A great way to celebrate and remember birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions with friends and family. Also, a great way to add some excitement to an otherwise ordinary night out.

With a wide variety of hibachi entrée choices there is something for all palates.

Our full-service bar adds to the fun. Pair your filet mignon with a nice red wine or your salmon with a refreshing chardonnay.